iOS8 and iOS9 E-mail apps that support multiple attachments (iDevice/cloud)

24/09/2015 0 By admin

I love my iPhone and iPad but i dislike the way it handles attachments in iOS8 and still in iOS9 with the standard Mail app.

I decided to write this post for iOS8 users that would like to attach file types (other then photos and videos) such as PDF, DOCX to a new e-mail via an e-mail app. Unfortunately the Apple Mail app only supports photos and videos iOS8. In iOS9 it is possible to attach other file types (e.g. PDF, DOCX) from local iDevice and cloud storage (iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive) however it lacks the ability to attach e.g. multiple files at once or save multiple files at once. It’s also very annoying how you can attach a file (see here). Or you should buy the Workflow app and use this workflow (works only with Dropbox).

Below you will find a list of apps that support various attachments with an iDevice that runs iOS8 or iOS9.

E-mail apps (full attachment support):
Spark (by Readdle) (free) TIP! – great review can be found here
CloudMagic Email (free, with in-app purchase option 9,99 dollar) TIP! Note: You can attach files up to 20MB in size limited to 10MB per file.
Boxer (4,99 dollar)

E-mail apps (only link to attachment in cloud, no support for ‘real’ attachment):
Gmail (by Google) (free)
Inbox by Gmail (free)
Mailbox (by Dropbox) (free)
Microsoft Outlook (free)
Yahoo Mail (free)
myMail (free)
Inboxcube (free)

Other alternatives (document viewer, not e-mail app):
Documents 5 (by Readdle) (free)
TinyPDF (free)
FileBrowser (5,99 dollar) | note: The free lite version doesn’t offer the feature

Are Spark and CloudMagic the best e-mail apps?
I would say that especially Spark is if you use an iPhone however both have some missing features in my opinion:

I did discover that Spark and CloudMagic are both unfortunately also lacking some features:

1) save multiple attachments to a cloud storage at once.
2) option to quickly see and click the attachment(s) in an e-mail (press an attachment button to see them or press the files directly) instead of scrolling to the bottom of the e-mail to see it.
3) other languages (e.g. Dutch)

Spark other missing features:
* No iPad support
* The badge icon for a new e-mail(s) does not show, it needs background refresh turned on (what i don’t want, i turned that feature off to save battery). I don’t need this for e.g. the Gmail app and Apple’s Mail app and get the badge icon for new e-mail so don’t understand why Spark needs it

CloudMagic other missing features:
* I also don’t like the way CloudMagic currently first asks you to give access to your photos (although i wish to attach a file from GDrive or Dropbox. This only the first time when you press the attachment button when you create a new e-mail

* You also have to select e.g. Dropbox and Google Drive via a separate … button each time to get your attachment from your cloud storage. I did get a response from CloudMagic already and they are saying that they will make the changes within a few months.

* The search features are not so great. Within Spark i managed to get recent e-mail quickly with e.g. the term ‘pdf attachments’

* Cannot attach multiple files at once

I posted this blog first on the MacRumors forum here.