iOS10 feature wishes

iOS10 feature wishes

21/04/2016 1 By admin

I really hope that Apple will add the below features in the next iOS10 release:

– Word swipe gesture support (like Swype, Swiftkey, Path Input) in Apple’s own keyboard so you can remain using Siri and on lock screen
– Allow Siri for third party keyboards
– Allow third party keyboards on lock screen to quick reply to notifications
– Slide Over selection of apps (remove the ones you don’t want to see and/or a search button)
– Finder for iOS
– Customisable Control Center
– Systemwide dark mode for (stock) apps
– Better UI for iPads, make use of the space
– Remove stock apps you don’t want to use and add them to the App Store so if you decide to use them after all you can add them again
– Allow more user profiles on iPad also for consumers
– Better support for URL schemes / demand apps to add this to their app and or certain features so I can easily start up certain features or apps via Launcher app + workflows see also the Workflow app
– Ability to choose an order for wifi/3G/4G list of favorite networks so you connect to your own wifi (much quicker) instead of the wifi of your neighbor (free wifi from provider but much slower)
– Improve Mail app by adding e.g. snooze feature, better way of handling atttachments on the iPhone (like Spark, Airmail, Outlook)

Some of these features are also given in the very good concept (video) from