Best Apple iOS weather apps and widgets with multiple weather sources

Best Apple iOS weather apps and widgets with multiple weather sources

19/06/2019 0 By admin

Although I really like the UI and widgets of both BeWeather 3 (3.99 dollar once) and Partly Sunny (2.99 dollar once, optional subscription 3.99 dollar p/year), however ever since the source is Dark Sky it is so far off/incorrect especially if it concerns rain/ precipitation in my country (the Netherlands) that I decided to look for better alternatives as far as weather sources go and still offer a nice widget since I like to quickly glance at weather widgets rather then go in an app. I still hope that both apps will still offer other weather sources.

Unfortunately apps like BeWeather 2, CARROT Weather and Forecast bar had to drop their weather source Weather Underground (see also this good Reddit post on this subject). For CARROT Weather and soon also Forecast bar also The Weather Company had/has to be dropped (see also this Reddit post on this subject) as well since both (WU & TWC) are now owned by IBM and they decided to close their API so third party weather apps are no longer able/allowed to use them.

Unfortunately the majority of 3rd party weather apps uses Dark Sky.

The alternative weather sources and good weather apps/widgets that are then still out there are:

CARROT Weather – 4.99 dollar / 5.49 euro (once) only source is Dark Sky, however if you pay an optional 4.99 dollar / euro p/year subscription Tier 1 (automatic renewal) then you get 6 weather sources: AccuWeather, Aeris Weather, MeteoGroup, ClimaCell, Foreca and Dark Sky.

– Hello Weather – free, offer 6.99 year subscription (automatic renewal) for 4 soon 3 weather sources: Accuweather, AerisWeather,  Dark Sky and The Weather Company, however as said this last one probably has to be removed soon due to closed API). The widget lacks however to show also upcoming days, currently it only shows upcoming hours and current hour. I would also prefer to see the current hour next to the upcoming hours as well to save space. The developers are quite active though so possibly in a future release.

Windy – free, no ads, optional donate and has 5 weather sources: Arome, Nems (by, Icon (by German DWD), ECMWF, GFS (by National Weather Service – NWS) see also details here. The app is mostly focused on wind as the name suggests already, however also offers regular weather forecast in app and widget.

– Today Weather – Forecast – free, with 4, soon 3 weather sources (Accuweather,, Dark Sky and Weather Company Data, however this last one has to be removed soon due to API closure as said earlier) and optional 3.99 dollar once or 1.49 per year or 0.99 dollar per month, you can pay subscription per month/year to remove ads and weather radar. The widget unfortunately lacks weather forecast for upcoming days and mm of rain besides the percentage for upcoming hours/days.

Forecast Bar – free, and 2.99 dollar p/year for subscription (not auto-renewed) 2 soon 1 weather source: Dark Sky, The Weather Company, however this last one has to be removed soon due to API closure as said earlier.

– widgetweather – 0.99 dollar (once) has multiple weather sources ( and Not my favorite widget due to fact it combines upcoming hours instead of see it per hour it does however also show the upcoming days so that is handy. The weather sources seem to be a bit less accurate for my region so therefore rather go with one of the other three above.
The app and widget has a lot of options to change iconset and such (as BeWeather had/has).

– eWeather HD – 3.99 dollar (once) has two weather sources: Intellicast (US), Foreca (Europe)

On a sidenote the apps of both The Weather Company (free with ads, 3.99 dollar p/year to remove ads) and Weather Underground (free with ads, 1.99 p/year to remove ads) are also still available. Not my favorite widgets but it does show quite some info as far as rain forecast for upcoming hours is concerned. However again lacks upcoming days in the widget. Similar situation with AccuWeather (free with ads, 3.99 dolloar once to remove).

None of those above apps and especially widgets are as good as BeWeather 3 or Partly Sunny though. So for now keeping them all and asked from developers to add some features here and there and hope they will implement these in the near future. I still hope BeWeather 3 or Partly Sunny will decided to add more weather sources.